Expression of Interest



1. Background

The Rivers State Government (RSG) as an integral part of its vision and policy thrust has embraced the Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) model as a Key strategy for the accelerated delivery of its public infrastructure.

This delivery of public infrastructure will mean an expansion of the State’s economy and an increase in population as more people migrate into the State for available economic opportunities. This increase in population and businesses would mean an increase in food consumption and the need for short term accommodation needs as people traverse from one part of the State to another.

RSG intends to maximize the opportunities created from the above scenario to produce food for its populace, increase the value chain in agriculture and create job opportunities for its people, considering the anticipated inflow of migrants into the state.

The Rivers State Bureau for Public-Private Partnerships hereby invite Expression of Interest from reputable and experienced players in the hospitality and agricultural sector for Concession of the under-listed Government owned farms and catering rest houses in Rivers State.

Government Owned Farms

SGH01 Songhai Farms The Songhai Rivers Initiative Farm combines livestock, aquaculture, and agro-tourism. The Centre serves as a place of excellence for training, production, research, demonstration as well as development of sustainable agricultural practices.
Songhai farms sits on about 304 hectares of land in Bunu in Tai Local Government Area, and has the following units:

• Administrative and hospitality Centre
• Technology and industrial park
• Production
• Cow and goat ranch
• Concrete fish ponds
• Earthen pond
• Fish hatchery
• Artificial lake
• Green house and maggottery

Other units are broilers production, cassava processing unit, feed mill, rice mill, machines production, stabilized bricks production, free range poultry, plantain farm, pineapple, vegetable garden, cassava and moringa cultivation units.
ATF02 Atali Farm The Atali farm measuring about 25 hectares was established for the business of hatchery and breeding of birds. Presently the farm is abandoned with
• Dilapidated office block
• Moribund hatchery equipment and incubators
• Dilapidated poultry pen
• iv. Five Block residential quarters
ELG03 Elimgbu Livestock Farm This farm was built as an integrated livestock farm measuring about 14 hectares. It has moribund
i. Hatchery
ii. Silos
iii. Warehouse
iv. Farm Quarters
v. Four (4) 8,000 capacity bird pen
vi. One (1) 4,000 capacity bird
vii. Two (2) 600 capacity piggery houses
KPA04 School to Land Farm Kpaa The School to land farm at Kpaa is about 360 hectares. The land is very suitable for farming as it has not been farmed on for a very long time. It also has a grain Silo.
NOW05 School to Land Farm Nonwa Farm measuring about 153.33 hectares of arable land suitable for crop farming.
ABG06 School to Land Farm Agbeta Farm measuring about 230 hectares of arable land suitable for crop farming.
RUW07 Rumuewhor Farm Farm measuring about 10,000 hectares of arable farmland suitable for Rice farming.
RUD08 Rumuodamaya Feed Mill This facility is about 40 hectares and houses a feed mill and silo which is not functioning to capacity at present.
ONN09 Rivers State Institute for Agricultural Research and Traning, Onne This facility is about 127 hectares suitable for seedling production and poultry breeding Centre.
BUG10 Buguma Fish Farm This facility is about 18 hectares suitable for aquaculture.
AND11 Andoni Fish Farm The Andoni fish farm is about 24.23 hectares in size suitable for aquaculture.
OP012 Opobo Fish Farm This facility is about 20 hectares suitable for aquaculture.
UB113 Ubima Fish Farm This facility is about 30 hectares suitable for aquaculture.

Government Owned Catering Rest Houses

CRH/AHO01 Catering Rest House, Ahoada The Hotel is strategically located along the Ahoada- Omoku road in the middle of the town and sits on approximately 4.079 acres of land.
CRH/ELE02 Catering Rest House, Elele Catering Rest House, Elele is located Off Elele main road and sits on approximately 1.898 hectares of land.
CRH/OKE03 Catering Rest House, Okehi Catering Rest House, Okehi in Etche Local Government Area is located along the busy Egwi- Okehi express road.
It is strategically located, as it is adjacent the newly renovated General Hospital Okehi and is about 5 minutes’ drive from the Etche Local Government Council Secretariat.
Catering Rest House, Okehi enjoys huge patronage from Etche Local Government Council and the Nigeria Police Force.
CRH/DEG04 Catering Rest House, Degema Catering Rest House Degema is located by the riverbank which a beautiful sight to behold considering its location and beautiful nature of the environment. It sits on about 5.216 acres of land.
It could serve as a good relaxation and tourist spot.
CRH/ISI06 Catering Rest House, Isiokpo Catering Rest House, Isiokpo is located along the Isiokpo main road and is about 3 minutes’ drive from the Ikwerre Local Government Council Secretariat. This Catering Rest House sits on about 1.89 hectares on land.
CRH/BOR07 Catering Rest House, Bori Catering Rest House, Bori is one of the facilities of Delta Hotels strategically located behind the Khana Local Government Council Secretariat, Bori.
Catering Rest House, Bori is sitting on 7.205 acres of Land.
CRH/ELEO8 Catering Rest House, Eleme Catering Rest House Eleme is very viable as it is located off the east west road, and is expected to enjoy patronage from the trailer drivers and operators around that busy area.

2. Project Scope

The foregoing projects are not for award of contract but Concession on a Public – Private Partnerships (PPP) basis.

Concession is a type of Public – Private Partnerships (PPP) venture, where the private sector operator (Concessionaire) is responsible for the full delivery of services in a specified area, including construction, operation , maintenance, collection, management, and rehabilitation of the system.

A concession also gives a private concessionaire responsibility for financing and management of all required investments. The concessionaire bears the cost and risk for the condition of the assets and investment.

In return, the concessionaire will meet agreed environment, social, economic, financial, development, operational and service obligations to the people and Government of Rivers State. At the end of the concession period, the property reverts to Rivers State Government.

3. Guidelines For Submission of Expression of Interest

Application must be clearly marked “EXPRESSION OF INTEREST FOR (Project Name/ Code)”, to be submitted in five (5) hard copies and a soft copy in a functional flash drive, along with relevant documents not later than 4:00pm on Friday, 30th October 2020 either by hand or through registered courier to the address below:

The Executive Director
Rivers State Bureau for Public Private Partnerships
6A Harley Street Old GRA,
Port Harcourt
Rivers State

Interested investors are requested to furnish the following details (provide for each member of a consortium)

1 Name of Company/Entity/Person
2 Legal Status (Company-Public/Private, Partnership, Limited Liability, Sole Proprietorship, etc).
3 Certified True Copy of CAC Incorporation Documents
4 Date of Incorporation(in DD/MM/YY format)
5 Registered office Address
6 Current Business Address ( if different from registered office address)
7 Contact Details of Designated Representative
Phone Number......................................
Email Address......................................

4. Minimum Requirement From Interested Parties

Prospective firm or consortium must have at least the following, in addition to possessing relevant experience in agricultural and /or hospitality business;

i. Experience in project financing, design, construction, management, operations and maintenance in the respective sectors.
ii. Tax clearance certificate for the past three years.
iii. Audited financial statement for the last three years.
iv. Details/evidence of projects either completed or in progress.

5. Selection Plan

1. Qualified applications will be contacted and invited to submit a Request for Proposal (RfP) within a stipulated time.
2. Any additional information or document to further prove your experience, competence and financial capability, in your sector of interest may enhance your application.
3. It is pertinent to note that preference shall be given to submissions that demonstrate exceptional value for money and operational innovations.

This Call for Expression of Interest does not constitute a commitment on the part of Rivers State Government, Rivers State Bureau for Public-Private Partnerships, Rivers State Ministry of Agriculture or Rivers State Ministry of Commerce & Industry to enter into a concession with any person, firm or consortium expressing interest. Furthermore, the submission of documents shall not entitle any of the interested parties to any claims against either Rivers State Government, Rivers State Bureau for Public-Private Partnerships, Rivers State Ministry of Agriculture or Rivers State Ministry of Commerce & Industry by virtue of such persons incurring expenses in responding either to the Call for Expression of Interest or Request for Proposal.

Ibrahim Eddy Mark, Esq.
Executive Director
Rivers State Bureau for Public-Private Partnerships

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