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Agriculture remains a priority sector because of its ability to immediately create employment opportunities. Rivers State has one of the best natural environment for crop and animal husbandry production in Africa.

The State has over 280,000 hectares of arable land, topography in general is mild, rain is seasonal, variable and heavy and is adequate for all year-round crop production. In general, being a low land terrain, water is highly abundant in the State. A number of important competitive advantages also exist for the enhancement of long term profitability such as the availability of low cost natural gas and electricity.

The policy of the Rivers State Government on Agriculture is to encourage Private Sector participation in the value chain of agricultural production, processing and transportation in order to attain food security and sufficiency.

By virtue of our location, we welcome investors interested in partnering with the State to accelerate fish production. Investors are encouraged to investigate the artisan fisheries input supply, fish processing, feeds production, amongst other activities. The agricultural resources of Rivers State are legendary, creating an allure for food and cash crops, as well as fish and other sea food production.

The State Government has recorded a few successful partnerships, which include the Risonpalm oil palm plantation and is doubling its effort in ensuring vibrant food availability with the ongoing negotiation for the Concession of Songhai Rivers Initiative Farms and other Government–Owned Farms.

Investment Opportunities in Food and Cash Crops

The agricultural prowess of Rivers State is awesome. Some of the crops richly produced in the State are: Cassava, Plantain, Banana, Yam, Vegetables, Groundnut, Corn, Sweet Potatoes, Pepper, Tomatoes, Oranges, Mangoes, Pineapples, Pawpaw etc.

However, the challenge remains that these opportunities have not been maximized to generate optimum productivity to satisfy local needs and support export. This is the door that investors need to open and Rivers State Government is ready for partnership.

Investment Opportunities in Fishing

Rivers State has vast potential for fish farming. The State is traditionally a fishing area and the principal occupation of the riverine people is fishing. Rivers State is characterized by various types of water bodies such as rivers, fresh and brackish water, creeks and estuaries as well as marine water bodies. These water bodies provide great opportunities for aquaculture.

Rivers State, being a maritime state with access to the sea, is endowed with some major inland water bodies and their valuable resources, which could be harnessed to capture fisheries production. The fish farmers cannot meet the fish demand of the people and that makes fish to be expensive, which also makes the fish to be food for the rich. The population of the state is increasing daily and fish demand is also increasing but the production is still low due to non–investors in the sector. This is one area we can rapidly invest with quick returns.

Investment Opportunities in Tiger Shrimps Farming

There is prospective investment opportunity in the shrimp farming business in Rivers state. This is not just primarily, because of the soaring demand for shrimp in international market and the attractive foreign exchange it earns, but because of the global high demand for this very extra special shrimp called the “Tiger Shrimps”. It is said to be found in monumental quantity only in the Niger Delta and majorly in Rivers State.

Incentives and Government Support in the Agriculture Sector

To promote agricultural activities, the Rivers State Government has put in place a variety of incentives to attract investment into the sector. This includes Registration of all farmers, Farmer training program to teach farmers modern agricultural techniques and supply them with inputs to improve their yield, Credit facilities to farmers’ co–operative societies, Swift allocation of farm land to interested investors, etc.

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