Power Sector

Steady Power Supply

Power Sector

The availability of sufficient and predictable power is a huge concern not only for Rivers State but for Nigeria as a whole. Some of the key challenges facing the power sector include inadequate power generation capacity, insufficient usage of capacity, ineffective regulation, poor collection rates and inadequate transmission and distribution infrastructure. As a result of the inadequate power supply the majority of households and businesses in the State rely on expensive self-generated electricity. This has major implications for the competitiveness of Nigerian business.

The State Government is discussing with the private sector to provide 24 hours captive power to cover critical Government assets and free power from the National grid to the public. The State Government has built enough power generating capacity to meet local needs but the national problem of distribution has remained a stumbling block.

Invest in Electricity / Power

The passing of the Electric Power Sector Reform Act in the 2005 signaled Nigeria's commitment to reforming the sector. The Act aimed to improve the performance of the sector by for the first time allowing private companies to invest in and operate power companies in Nigeria. The Government through the Ministry of power has also outlined a detailed roadmap for reforming the sector in the coming years.

The Rivers State Government itself is committed to tackling the state's power problems and is actively collaborating with the private sector in finding solutions. The Rivers State Government is dedicated to developing and improving power supply in the state. The state has expended considerable resources to either complete or maintain the following power stations namely Omoku 150 Megawatts, Trans Amadi 130 Megawatts, Eleme 75 mega Watts while seven transmission stations 132/33 Kv has been built. Distribution sub-stations 33/11 KV have also been built.

We welcome investors to key into our modest efforts as there is already market for power in State.

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