About Rivers State BPPP

An Overview

The Rivers State Bureau for Public-Private Partnerships (BPPP) is a Rivers State government agency set up for the promotion, development, and implementation of public-private partnerships in the State. It is charged with the responsibility of taking care of the various arrangements between the government and the organized private sector to enable both parties to systematically set out objectives to be achieved within the State as regards infrastructure development.

The BPPP is established by the Rivers State Public-Private Participation in Infrastructure Development Law 2009, to focus on economic transformation through strategic partnerships.

The Rivers State BPPP agenda is driven by the need to foster substantial economic development of core infrastructure, stimulation of large scale investment and proactively seeking maximum support, cooperation and aid of the global donor community in other to meet the agreed social economic objectives of the state. This is in line with the overall strategic vision of the Rivers State government to alleviate poverty in the State, create employment and impact the people through sustainable development projects.


What we do here is to put in place a framework for long term sustainability taking into consideration the economic, financial and environment impact of those projects. The private partner participates in designing, completing, implementing and funding the project, while the public partner focuses on defining and monitoring compliance with the objectives of the project.

  • To be a centre of Expertise for the promotion, development, and implementation of Public-Private Partnership projects in the State.

  • To provide technical assistance and support on PPP implementation of all government agencies, contracting authorities, and the private sector in the State.

  • To appraise, review, evaluate, and approve all PPP projects throughout the process of project selection, preparation and procurement in the State.

  • To co-ordinate the activities of contracting and other relevant government authorities, and the private sector with respect to PPP projects in the State.

  • Form strategic alliances with the private sector to drive project implementation.

  • To facilitate the issuance or renewal of permits, licenses, and other regulatory approvals for PPP projects from all government agencies and authorities.

  • To promote PPP awareness, disseminate information to investors about PPP opportunities in the State, and prepare standardized documentation on the processes, procedures and requirements of the PPP program.

Our Partners

Our Commitment is to Grow our Economy and Provide World-Class Infrastructure that will take Rivers State to the Hightway of Development.